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This book's still empty and we need you to fill it!

We invite you to introduce some new books, books you like, or perhaps some you don't like... just add what you like and feel free to discuss and commet as much as you like!

If you introduce a book we would be glad if you could give us a picture of the cover and some info about the author (other projects, genre...the usual)

Please do not make any offending comments, you need to respect the opinion of others even if it is not yours^^"

Some users prefer to write in German. So if you are interestet, please comment beneath the German entries and we will translate them!!!

Except from these rules: Everything lies in your hands!
about a boy, anne of green gables, anne rice, astrid lindgren, augsburger puppenkiste, b'z, bill bryson, blood and gold, book of the dead, books!, breakfast at tiffany's, brimstone, c.s.lewis, charlotte bronte, charlotte link, chocolat, chronicles of narnia, cornelia funke, corrie swanson, crime, dan brown, dance of death, daphne dumaurier, dead poets society, dean koontz, death, death of rats, deine lakaien, diana gabaldon, die neschan-trilogie, dir en grey, disney, douglas adams, douglas preston, edgar allan poe, edgar wallace, emily bronte, england, enigma, fairy tales, fantasy, farin urlaub, fiction, finding nemo, gilmore girls, glay, good movies, gorillaz, harry potter, helen fielding, hook, interview with the vampire, j.k.rowling, j.r.r. tolkien, jane austen, janet evanovich, japan, jim knopf, joe morelli, jonathan jabbok, kerrilyn sparks, lenore, letters, lincoln child, literature, london, lord of the rings, lucy maud montgomery, lukas der lokomotivführer, marius, marvin, matilda, merlin, michael ende, midgard, miss marple, morrissey, mulan, music, mystery, myths, märchenmond, nick hornby, nora kelly, oscar wilde, pandora, pendergast, peter pan, pippi langstrumpf, poems, purchasing books, ralf isau, reaper man, rebecca, roald dahl, robert harris, romance, ronja räubertochter, science-fiction, shakespeare, smithback, sonnets, star trek, star wars, stephanie plum, still life with crows, tell-tale heart, terry pratchett, the birds, the black cat, the cure, the hobbit, the raven, the scotts, the smiths, the vampire lestat, the wizards, the yellow wallpaper, thriller, tintenherz, turning angel, unseen university, urmel aus dem eis, walter moers, weirdness, wolfgang und heike hohlbein, x-men, ärzte