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All the time i was planning about writing an entry about the preston/child books....
My reviews of these book will not be very objective for i LOVE them!!!

Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child:

Relic [Relic]
Reliquary [attic]
The Cabinet of Curiosities [Formula- Tunnel des Grauens]
Still Life with Crows [Ritual]

Brimstone [Burn Case]
Dance of Death [Dark Secret]
Book of the Dead [Noch nicht in Dt erschienen]

Finally i read all of the above, starting with 'cabinet...'
it is not necessary to read them in that special order, they're listed above but reliquary is sometimes related to relic (even though i understood everything without reading relic first. actually it was the last one i read *coughs*).

Those seven thrillers all feature the same protagonist, pendergast an FBI agent from New Orleans, trying to solve cases all over the country, especially interested in the mysterious and weird ones.
for those who love interesting books and are looking for something new these are really great.
the end of brimstone is the beginning of the story of pendergasts brother, a criminal insane individuum trying to kill all those close and precious to pendergast himself and giving him a clue for a day on which he will commit the perfect crime and because of his being highly intelligent he has to be stopped!
with his acquaintance and friend from the NYPD, D'agosta (known since 'relic'), Pendergast tries to find his brother, a master of disguise and it is not easy for him to hunt him down. whenever a move is made it seems the evil brother is two moves ahead...
Dance of Death and Book of the Dead belong together and the story of pendergasts brother continues in those two books.

All of those are highly recommendable and really awesome!!!!!!!!! the main protagonists will meet again and their developments are enthralling.
i really do love those book and was absorbed since i read the first one of them!!!!

i won't summarize none of them if you want to have a closer look on them just search for douglas preston / lincoln child and they will show up!
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